Asynchronous Video Interview Platform for Conversational Interviews

3X better hires, 5X cheaper and 4X faster —with no setup fees and the first 10 interviews free.

If you are a candidate or a student, try mock interviews. 

Discover how our AI-driven features can transform your interview performance.

  • New

    Automated Initial Screening

    OptiHire’s AI-driven pre-screening handles the initial applicant review, allowing you to focus on the most promising candidates.

  • Communication skills evaluation

    Assess verbal and non-verbal cues, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of communication skills.

  • Extra

    Generative AI for evaluating domain knowledge

    Our smart AI analyzes responses to evaluate deep domain knowledge, perfect for specialized roles. 

  • Efficient Interview Creation

    Create tailor-made or choose from pre-built interviews designed for diverse job roles. 

  • Essential

    Unbiased and Fair Assessment

    Our technology minimizes human bias, ensuring fairness and objectivity in every candidate evaluation. 


  • Extra

    Automated Invites to Candidates

    Simplify the interview process by automatically sending invitation emails to candidates, scheduling interviews efficiently.

  • Detailed Candidate Profiles

    Gain comprehensive insights into each candidate's potential with detailed profiles generated from their video interviews.

  • Integration with LinkedIn Job Posts

    Seamlessly integrate and sync your job postings with LinkedIn to enhance visibility and attract a broader candidate pool.

Enhancing Recruitment Efficiency with OptiHire

Achieve Faster, Smarter, and More Cost-Effective Hiring with Advanced AI Technology 

  • 3X Better Candidate Assessment

    Leverage OptiHire's AI to analyze deeper aspects of candidate responses, assessing verbal, non-verbal, and emotional intelligence, ensuring hires align with your organizational ethos.

  • 5X Cost-Effective Hiring

    OptiHire reduces hiring costs by digitizing and optimizing the interview process, saving on logistical expenses and preventing costly mis-hires through informed decision-making.

  • 4X Faster Recruitment Cycles

    OptiHire streamlines recruitment by automating scheduling and assessments, quickly identifying the best candidates to reduce vacancy periods and accelerate team progress.


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